DC Chilling: Dating Myself Part 1

I’m taking myself out on dates throughout DC. Read Part I here. http://naturalechronicles.com/2014/07/21/dc-chilling-dating-myself-part-1

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.35.30 PM

I have been in DC for about two weeks now and I’ve finally broken out of the watch-Netflix-in-my-room-all-day mode. I’m not much of a homebody, so that lifestyle got very old quickly. I decided I would make a conscious effort to see the city and all it has to offer. Thankfully, this is my third (and also my longest) time in DC so I could skip the typical tourist attractions. Thankfully, I bought…

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The Intern’s Closet: How to Dress to Impress

New blog post: The Intern’s Closet. Wearing sleeveless tops, jeggings, and statement necklaces to work!

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.14.42 PM

I recently got an internship at an office in Washington, D.C. As I was packing and preparing myself for my life as intern, I took a look at my closet to see what I had that could work for an intern’s closet. My internship has a “business casual” dress code, so I knew I already had some items in my closet that could fit the bill. I didn’t want to buy and entirely knew wardrobe but I wanted…

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Day 1: Brooklyn Street Art

Day 1: Brooklyn Street Art

25thbday 3648x2432-004


For the 1st day of my post-birthday celebration, my brother and I headed over to Brooklyn to check out the sights. We found art everywhere. Enjoy the picture:

25thbday 3275x2415

25thbday 2432x3648-005

25thbday 2432x3648-004

25thbday 2432x3648-003

25thbday 3648x2432-005

25thbday 2432x3648-002

25thbday 3648x2432-003

25thbday 2432x3648-001

25thbday 2432x3648-007

25thbday 2432x3648-006

25thbday 2432x3648

25thbday 3648x2432-004

25thbday 3648x2432-002

25thbday 3648x2432

25thbday 3648x2432-001


Today was a simple trip, where we spent little to no money. It was nice to just walk around and soak in the city.

Our one regret was that we couldn’t find the Prospect Park Zoo. Everyone we asked had no clue where the…

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Brands With A Conscience: Warby Parker

Brands With A Conscience: Warby Parker

Screenshot 2014-03-28 10.13.44


Ever since I started my nonprofit organization, Style Lottery, I have been thinking about the role of fashion/apparel brands play in philanthropy. To be honest, when the marketing team at Warby Parker approached me about doing a post about their new sunglasses my first thought was to decline. Yea, they are a super chic glasses company but what made them different than the other brands?


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Mar 28 10:38
Wanderlust: 15 Life Lessons (and pictures) from Puerto Rico

Wanderlust: 15 Life Lessons (and pictures) from Puerto Rico

On a whim, I decided to join a group of classmates going to Puerto Rico on vacation. As I mentioned, this would be my first legit Spring Break vacation. This post will be a teaser of some of my photos from the trip. Between my friends and I, there should be over 1000 pictures! We were only there for 5 glorious days but we made some great memories. This was, hands down, my favorite Spring Break…

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Mar 16 14:08
Oh, The Places We’ll Go: New Orleans

In 2014, I Will…” New Years resolution post, I mentioned that I wanted to travel and make more memories with my friends. I’m excited at the progress I’m making already. In January, I went on a family cruise to Cozumel. At the beginning of February, I went to New Orleans to celebrate my friend Vanessa’s 25th birthday.

I’ve been friends with Vanessa since my freshman year in undergrad. When she…

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